‘Another Angle For The Brave’ researches and reports on current affairs being insufficiently covered, if at all, by mainstream media channels.

These multi-media articles focus on humane, sensitive and sometimes hard-edge topics very often relegated to the dark corner of taboo such as questions related to our mortality, the secret family courts, wrongful incarceration, forced adoption, governmental corruption, rape, PTSD, terminal illness, child trafficking, the UK mental health system, pedophilia, child prostitution, neglect of the elderly and the placebo is religion.

It can be alarming to look outside of the ‘devil we know’ box that we are living in – and often we simply don’t, until/unless we find ourselves effectively in ‘no mans land’ ourselves, floating downstream without a paddle. It isn’t even that these less publicly aired issues are effecting only a minority; often after the initial sensationalism of an event (followed by a good dose of sentimentality), even global concerns such as famine, war and disease find themselves allotted a back seat, while more current/popular/commercially viable news hits the headlines of mainstream news.

Another Angle For The Brave invites the reader to experience, know and remember these forgotten people and unrequited situations, patiently, intelligently and sometimes really bravely.

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Thank you for reading.

Sarita Perrott.

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