Don’t Just Think Outside The Box – Open It!

As children we are raised amongst other people’s ideas of how the world looks and the people in it – and as many opinions related to how it is best to look, behave and even feel. At school we are encouraged to take in information that will help us in life later on and we serve a concentrated period of time until we are sixteen, trying more or less to fulfil the goals that often others have set for us. We may experience further education or work or neither and according to whatever wind comes our way. we may land in a vast variety of different scenarios, experiencing along the way.

Regardless of the former details of our lives (though not discounting them) and not withstanding the events that led to such a change, we may find ourselves shunted out of our usual existence and within the boundaries of a very differently perceived world. The media’s consistent translation and packaging of current affairs, means that unless we are one of a majority when disaster strikes, or we are within a topic granted publicity by the press for their own overt or covert gain, we are in effect forgotten.

Another Angle For The Brave digs deep below the surface of each topic being researched, to include the forgotten, hidden, hushed, imprisoned, gagged and deceased; each recapitulation of events thoroughly researched and providing authentic links where applicable.

You can follow this blog to keep abreast of new articles being discussed and add your own comments. There will also be opportunity for you to submit your own text, audio or personally filmed interview contributing your responses to each category of articles.

Thank you for reading. Comments welcome.

© 2015 Sarita Perrott. All Rights Reserved.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Just Think Outside The Box – Open It!

  1. Can You help our cps case ? I have three very young GrandChildren in cps custody FOR NO GOOD REASON OTHER THAN THATS HOW THEY MAKE THEIR MONEY $$$$$!!!&$$. My name is Kimberlee Elbon 360 263-1022 and I do Hope to hear from You


    1. Hi Kimberly, sorry for the delay in my getting back to you. I am so sorry to hear you are having to go through this harrowing time. Although I welcome you at any time at all to chat about how things are – I live in the UK and cannot recommend anyone to help you in the US.

      However, please connect with Angelia Borth. She is on Facebook if you use it? She lives in the US and is a proper trooper, very sincere lady to has had to tackle the system herself – twice – and won 🙂
      her children were taken from her due to allegations of neglect made by the CPS. One of these was that her children are ‘too short’ – that she needed to ‘feed them more p-nut butter. It’s horrendous being as Angelia herself stands only five feet tall, so yes she has short children.

      Angelia is likely to be able to advise you Kimberlee:
      You can find me on Facebook too – I have several pages and a group:
      And also a connected website which you may find useful or at least interesting. Just sign in:

      I hope that you are okay – please feel free to contact me again through any of those avenues. I know that it can be a very dark time.

      All love


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