Being Human – Introduction

What is it to be human? Are we any different to other animals and if so in what way/s?

Father and childIn some views, to be human is to be a good God fearing citizen. In others it is to be a ‘good person’ trying to resist patting onself on the back along the way. Yet in others, to be human, is to develop much further than our deceptive world of technology would  have us believe that we have. It is interesting to note that for some, being human is to have as much as possible in the way of creature comforts and to be able to sup wine from an ornate glass at the end of the day. Yet there are those who feel to really be human, material things don’t matter – and yet others still, who feel to be human is to be ‘wild and free.’ This is a broad topic involving many lines of study and research running parallel with each other, so we begin here, by taking a look at the drama that many people spend their lives living – as if in a waking dream or nightmare.

Drama Versus Reality is the first article of this topic and readers will be invited to contribute via text, audio and film.

Thank you for reading. Comments welcome.

© 2015 Sarita Perrott. All Rights Reserved.

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